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General Sources for an Article.

When evaluating informational resources and articles for citations for your paper or research, you should consider if your resources are from scholarly journals, or popular publications. Both are acceptable sources for writing an article but citations from scholarly journals hold more weight and the articles are peer reviewed. Articles often source from both scholarly journals and popular publications.Sometimes, your professor or instructor may require that your citations are from peer reviewed articles.


  • Scholarly Journals

  • Written by and for experts; authoritative
  • Evaluated by experts; peer-reviewed or refereed
  • Include bibliographies and/or footnotes
  • Lengthy articles that contain specialized language
  • Example: Journal of Social Psychology
  • Popular publications

  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Written by journalists; reviewed by editors
  • Written for a broad audience
  • Brief articles that use non-technical language
  • Contain advertisements, photos, flashy covers
  • Examples: Time or The Economist or The New York Times